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Bantex Uses
Bantex Uses
Bantex Uses
Bantex Uses






Safety Product:
Bantex Finger Protection

Bantex Cohesive Gauze Tape
For over fifty years, Bantex has provided effective, convenient finger protection in a wide variety of applications. No other products offer Bantex's versatility. Unlike adhesive wraps, Bantex adheres only to itself, not skin or hair. Use in place of a glove or a finger cot, Bantex is non-toxic, economical and provides maximum dexterity since you wrap just the area you need to protect.

[Protected Hand]Research shows that over 15% of all industrial injuries are finger injuries. Many can be prevented by Bantex, the best protective wrap available. Bantex is non-sticky, long lasting, and allows a sense of 'feel' to maximize grip and dexterity. Its value has been proven through decades of use in a wide variety of environments.

Prevent accidents and protect your most valuable asset. Use Bantex Cohesive Gauze, the most effective finger protection available.

Bantex is available through major safety products suppliers. Contact us for a distributor near you. To order a SAMPLE, click here.

Uses of Bantex
IndustryMedical/First AidSports/Leisure

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