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Bantex Uses
Bantex Uses
Bantex Uses
Bantex Uses






Sports & Leisure Uses of Bantex

Tennis Racket Grips   -   Golf Clubs   -   Baseball Bats   -   Hammers and Other Tools   -   Lawn and Garden Equipment   -   Bike Handlebars   -   And More!

Bantex Cohesive Gauze is a revolutionary product; it can provide superior grip for many household items and most sporting equipment.

Sports: Tennis and racketball rackets, golf clubs, bicycle handlebars, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and more. Anglers can use Bantex to prevent hands and fingers from chafing on fishing line.

Work: Hammers and other hand tools, gardening tools such as hoes, rakes and shovels, lawn mowers and other equipment.

Music: Drum sticks and other equipment

...or anywhere a more comfortable grip is desired.

Uses of Bantex
IndustryMedical/First AidSports/Leisure

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